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[TW: racism, trans-hate, bodies]

So my roommate brought over her boyfriend to our dorm before they go out to the Friday night campus events. I was horrified to see that her bf is a blonde white cisguy with madded hair/’locs’ who was also eating collards off a paper plate when he came inside. I…

Reblogging, if only for the words “maliciously gendered her fish”.


  • People who think Quicksilver is faster than Flash 
  • People who think Superman is faster than Flash
  • People who think Batman can beat Flash 
  • People who think all Flash can do is run fast




♡ the person you would take a bullet for is behind the trigger ♡

The fuck does that quote mean
And what does it have to do with cutting wrapping paper
I ain’t gonna get shot by my fucking mum

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